Genealogy of Jesus Christ

(Family tree of Adam and Eve)

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that
whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. "
(John 3:16)

As you know, Bible contains many descriptions of the family trees of different biblical characters. And when you reading those family trees in the bible, it is very hard to trace who's related to whom. For Your comfort I decided to put together all family trees in one genealogical database. I Praise God, that he help me to do this. At this moment the database contains about 1500 individuals (link to this database in at the bottom of the page).

Using Bible and other literature that was available to me, I tried to connect different biblical characters to appropriate position in time. Results of this work are submitted on the page "Chronology".
Horizontal diagram of time is shown on the page "Duration lifes of personages".



  1. In many texts it was easy to trace position of characters in time and characters were placed in appropriate place . In few cases I had a problems with interpretation of the texts and perhaps some people were placed incorrectly. More than two hundred personages, whom I couldn't identify.
  2. Personages that pointed out in the Bible as an ancestors of Jesus Christ were mentioned WRITTEN.

Look through Dynamic Family Tree of Jesus Christ


Work is conducted by preparation of album with graphic reflection of family tree to the print (Look through a fragment of document). The date of the print are not define yet.
Those who wants to buy the album I ask to send preliminary claims on E-mail for definition of exemplary circulation of the print.

 Bible genealogy: from Adam up to Jesus Christ

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