Alexey V. Poluboyartsev - compiler of this genealogical database. 

I was born and live in Almaty, Kazakhstan. In 1973, I finished Almaty Electrical Technical school of communication. 10 of May the same year I was called up at rows of Soviet Army. I served in radio technical army of antiaircraft defence of Moscow Military County in the city Orel. After it, in 1975, I entered to the department of telephone - telegraph communication of railway station as on electrical engineer. I work there till nowadays.

I study the history of my family for several years. 
Results of my investigation are presented at the web-sites: (Engl./Rus) (Engl./Rus) (Engl./Rus)

Addresses of others my web-sites: - Review of genealogical programs. (Engl./Rus) - Useful programs for Internet and servicing a computer. (Rus) - Advices for creation of web-sites, for the beginners only. (Rus) - Not very big web-sites for games. Online games. (Engl./Rus)



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